A Message from the Director of Health

Welcome to our new web site!  We are adding additional features daily, but we invite you to explore our new site now.  Please use the search box to the right on each page to search for specific information.

Bristol-Burlington Health District (BBHD) is the full-service local public health agency serving the communities of Bristol and Burlington, Connecticut. As a full-time full service local health department, we offer a number of services and programs that protect the health and safety of our communities. These services and programs include school and oral health, disease prevention and control, environmental health protection, public health emergency planning response, and health education.

Bristol-Burlington Health District also works closely with other local, state and federal agencies who share the goal of healthier communities – many of these partnerships are highlighted on this website. Please read through all the features of our website and familiarize yourself with our organization. We are a community service organization.

We have many resources available to the public – and very much welcome your questions about our services or about public health in general. We also hope you will visit this website often, as we update the information on a regular basis.

As always, please feel free to contact me or other members of the BBHD staff with your ideas and concerns. Our phone number is (860) 584-7682. We look forward to your calls!

Charles I. Motes, Jr., M.S., M.P.H., R.S.
Director of Health

To volunteer to help during a Public Health Emergency, please send us an email to:  PHPBBHD@ci.bristol.ct.us   (Tell us your name, email and a phone number so we can respond to you.)  Thank You!

January is National Radon Awareness Month
The Bristol-Burlington Health District and the CT Department of Public Health recommend all homes be tested for radon.
Protect your family. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be seen or smelled. It is found in soil and rock in all towns in Connecticut. Radon gas can enter homes through cracks in the foundation and other openings in the lower level of your home. Breathing high levels of radon over a long period of time can damage the lungs and become dangerous to you and your children.

Test your home for radon. Testing is the only way to know if your home has high levels of radon.
Click here for a free radon test kit (while supplies last)
Check out our NEW video explaining how easy it is to test your home for Radon!

You can purchase a low cost test kit form the American Lung Association in East Hartford. Call (860)289-5401, stop by or visit their website at www.lungne.org