FDA Model Food Code

The CT General Assembly passed a bill that will make the FDA Model Food Code Connecticut’s food code beginning July, 1, 2018. This new law will result in a variety of changes for the food establishments in CT and the local health departments that regulate them.
Some of these changes will begin as soon as October 1, 2017. The Bristol-Burlington Health District is committed to working with you throughout the transition process.

Please click here to read the official letter from the Director of Health to all local owners/operators in regards to the upcoming changes to the Food Code.

Click here to access the 2017 FDA Food Code and Annex.

Click here to read CT Department of Public Health Food Protection Program Circular letter explaining the implementation of deadlines.

Click to see the CT Department of Public Health “draft” side by side comparison of the changes to restaurant classification with examples of establishments utilizing the new classification system.

Click here to access the State of Connecticut DPH Food Protection Program Regulations

Click here for a direct link to the FDA’s website.