BBHD Board

The Health District is governed by a Board of Health and has monthly meetings. It functions as the general policy making body for the District and has overall budget adoption authority. The Board is currently composed of six members. Five members are appointed by the Bristol Mayor and one member is appointed by the Burlington First Selectman/ Selectwoman. The term of office for members of the District board is three years.  Members may be appointed for consecutive terms.

Current Board of Health Members

• Michael Cucka, MD (7/2017)
• Mary Smith, RN (7/2017)
• William J. Brownstein, MD, Chairman (7/2018)
• Ronald B. Herriott, DMD (7/2018)
• Leslie S. Kish, MD (7/2016)
• Theodore Shafer, 1st Selectman, Burlington, Burlington Representative (7/2017)

Expiration of term follows name.

The Board of Health meets at 1pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Bristol-Burlington Health District located on 240 Stafford Avenue, Bristol CT. Please note that meetings are subject to change. Call our office at 860-584-7682 to verify meeting dates and locations.

Updated 06-23-2014